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By now all of our pledgers will be receiving their hardcover rulebooks and white metal miniatures from our successful Netherworlds Edge: Keystone Kickstarter. Thanks again to everyone who pledged, your support was appreciated more that we can ever say. For those extra special people who pledged higher totals to acquire hand crafted sculptures of their own design, rest assured that these are well underway and we will get them to you just as soon as we can.

Hard copies of our new rulebook standing proudly beside Zombiesmiths Shieldbash debut at Strategicon, Gateway convention in Los Angeles earlier last month.

In the meantime heres some work in progress pictures of new products for Netherworlds Edge... stay tuned for more news on this line, including the impending release of a rulebook...exciting times indeed!

The mighty Thudge Blackclaw one of the foremost warriors of the Blackbriar Mercenary companies is a hulking behemoth of muscle, tooth and claw. Having originally served in the Cavian nomadic militias, barbarian battlehosts that roamed the wilderness of the deep south, Thudge was captured and his bloodkin murdered in a cowardly night raid by dark dwelling denizens. Thrown shackled in chain into the fighting pits of the vermin slave merchants for the entertainment of the filthy masses he spent four long years in captivity before being freed by the brotherhood of the Blackbriar in a chance assault whilst being transported by slave caravan to the rat kings mountain strongholds in the north. With a sworn allegiance to the Blackbriar, Thudge has now also found loyalty and honour amongst the ranks of the Waywatch with whom he and the surviving members of his company now fight aside during times of great need.

The noble hearted Dorn Stonetooth, a paladin from an ancient militant order of hares (The Ordo Lepus) dating back centuries prior but who fell as many of their brethren had, defending their home lands when the unstoppable hordes of dark denizens invaded as they had so many before, like a ravenous virus. As one of the last known survivors of the order Dorn swore a blood oath and sought vengeance for the massacre of his kin. His travels took him far and wide until he too came to the assistance of the Blackbriar during the "Battle of Spire Rock". Counted later amongst the ranks of the Blackbriar defending the Netherwood, Dorn was unassumingly elevated to leadership of the mercenary companies who eagerly flocked to his banner. Knowing that through following this new path he would one day have the opportunity to avenge his fallen brothers he stands true at the spear tip of this new warrior kinship.

Often found at the front of the lines the surly Tanner Shortsnout although short in both stature and temper is an infallibly loyal and devoted member of the Blackbriar. Preferring to keep to himself despite his ties, not much is known of the warrior hedgehog who simply appeared in the Guildhalls of Khai pledging his trademark battle mace to the cause of the brotherhood. Rumour has it that he was once a decorated captain of the Erinan legions, their homeland lying far outside the borderlands of Netherwood, no one can really be sure or claim to understand and know the spiny Erinan anymore than he will allow.

...and to bring the Blackbriar Mercenary Companies to conclusion we present the dread pirate captain Murgle Trots, scourge of the Crablands. Caught up in the never ceasing bitter struggle between the Testudine empire and the Brachyuran principalities Murgle Trots, a once wealthy and prosperous seafaring trader turned to a life of raiding and battle on the high seas after surviving the Crabland attack which set Trots' home town and merchant hub, the port village of Driftwood ablaze. Trots could only watch in despair as the prosperous commerce post was reduced to ash. Flying the black flag Trots and a loyal crew of miscreants ply their deadly trades along the riverways of the borderlands. With a common arrangement Trots will often be found alongside the brothers of the Blackbriar as he is commonly known not only to assist them in their taxiing across the perilous riverways and water conduits but will more often than not cross swords and fight in allegiance with those he finds shares a common purpose.

The Waywatch Rangers (Troop blister)

In this picture, a five mouse tenderpaw scout party hailing from the tenth chapters northernmost garrison at the "Keystone fortress". Commanded directly by the Waywatch Grandmaster Elect Gorix Stormfeather the mice of the Waywatch Ranger Chapters are charged with the protection of the mouse kingdoms borderlands from foreign threat, maintaining the scent shield that surrounds their homeland and reporting of the going ons in the outer feral lands beyond their borders of the Netherwood. Now available at Zombiesmith Miniatures and here in the Flytrap Factory webstore.


Code: NEWM01 Wealdwatch Troops (5 mice)
NZD: $15.00  web store

The Waywatch Ranger Elites (Veteran blister)
Now we would like to show our first two veteran "Captain Elect" mice sculpts representing the lower ranking officers of the watch whom hold the role of garrison commanders. Each garrison commander is responsible for the day to day running and governance of their particular chapter of the Waywatch. They are charged with a variety of task from organising regular watch patrols in their territory of jurisdiction to the logistical maintenance of their controlled fortress. Each commander is a worthy watchmouse with countless patrols under their belts and a number of courageous feats and accomplishments attributed to their own chapter sagas.
Captain Elect Drago Pathrunner, garrison commander of the Twelth Waywatch Chapters "Ironreach Fortress" to the east, a veteran war mouse who favours a trusty warhammer over the watches stable copperspear, and the fabled Captain Elect Sven Blackcowl, garrison commander of the Third Waywatch Chapters "Riverhelm Fortress" to the south, an old tooth ranger lord whose mastery of sworsmanship is legendary amongst the mouse kingdoms. Now available at Zombiesmith Miniatures and here at the Flytrap Factory webstore.

Code: NEWM02 Waywatch Veterans (2 mice)
NZD: $10.00  web store

The Waywatch Ranger Heroes (Special Character blister)
Here we reveal the first two special characters of the Waywatch Ranger Chapters. Sneetch Spellsinger the younger of the two who through enhanced intellect and innate curiosity followed ended up following the magical path of the ecomantic orders, and his larger, more physically adept brother Lord Gorix Stormfeather who was force inducted into the ranks of the Waywatch in his youth but through his martial prowess, battle testing and his physical superiority over most other members of the watch quickly elevated into the ranks of the garrison command and went on to become the Grandmaster Elect of the Chapter conglomerate. Now available at Zombiesmith Miniatures and here at the Flytrap Factory webstore.

Code: NEWM03 Wealdwatch Heroes (2 mice)
NZD: $10.00  web store

So that is it for the Rangers of the Waywatch Chapters and Netherworlds Edge for now, soon we will be releasing a number of other mouse factions and adversaries as well as some unlikely allies...stay tuned over the coming weeks as we move forward with Zombiesmith.

Sculpted in Heroic 20mm the next release off of the table is the 5 figure Brothers of Nuln blister containing the misfit band of smugglers turned pirate who have pledged their lives to the unorthodox defence of their homelands and the avenging of their destroyed township against the minions of the Dread Rat King, the savage plague responsible for the massacre that claimed the life of their father.
Netherworlds Edge- BROTHERS OF NULN

Code: NEJS01 The Brothers of Nuln
NZD: $20.00  web store

In addition to the Brothers of Nuln we also release this month the notoriously creaking but unfailingly trustworthy tub "The Drunken Skunk". An old barrel sloop, with its shallow draft and converted hull the Drunken Skunk under the command of the Nuln smugglers proves an ideal escort for the raiding party as they wage their clandestine war along the river ways of the Netherwood. The Drunken Skunk a polyurethane and white metal kit although designed with Netherworlds Edge in mind is suitable for use with any 15-20mm miniatures
 Netherworlds Edge- DRUNKEN SKUNK

Code: NEJS02 The Drunken Skunk
NZD: $50.00  web store

The Drunken Skunk

Also lets not forget our Collectors series for Netherworlds Edge, the Heroes of the Mouse Clans.

Netherworlds Edge Collectors Series 1

Code: NEMC1 Heroes of the Mouse Clans
NZD: $50.00  web store

Kind Regards
Baron Trapdoor