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Welcome to the Lair

The Flytrap remains concealed in the misty heights of the Waitakere ranges, hidden from prying eyes deep within the confines of a secret mountain lair west of Auckland city, New Zealand.

Our factory is a very small group of passionate artisans who through combined effort ply their trade to the benefit of the global gaming community and collectors of quality miniatures alike.

As a design studio we pride ourselves on being a little different to the norm. Our talent pool draws experience from a broad spectrum of areas, from professional sculpting and painting contracts for other studio outfits through to design work for Martin Wallaces Treefrog Games, Hank and Jed Movie Studios "Doraleous and Associates" cartoon series and Weta Workshop. Flytrap is a studio whose prime function is the creation of beautiful forms of miniature masterwork.

Please join us as we move forward, become an active member of our studio forum and get to know the artists in the lair. Our forum is the life blood of our endeavours and we need the contribution of our community to assist us in bringing you the best product we are both committed to and capable of...

Thank you for taking the time to come and visit our humble web lair. On behalf of myself and the rest of us here at the factory we look forward to many years of bringing you exceptional product.

Yours sincerely

The Baron
Baron Trapdoor

For all enquiries drop us a line at