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Hello my name is Anton and I've been sober for...

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:12 pm
by admin
never! fact going a week without several glasses of a fine merlot, shiraz or pinot noir has me feeling rather sorry for myself and akin to a bear with a sore paw.
I guess I'm probably the one most responsible for all this mess, so thank you for taking the time to at least come and see what we're all about, I hope you stay awhile and become a frequent visitor, but I understand if you don't, I mean most of the ne'er-do-wells, rogues and undesirables around these parts (my friends) share similar character flaws to those of my own self. What with an unhealthy addiction to lead and plastic, and a morbid curiosity with sending legions of miniature mens who really did nothing of any consequence to me or mine own to a gruesome death in far away lands!

I digress!

I am a 40 year old male shaped humanoid who dwells (for those of you who do not already know) in the nether realms of New Zealand. I've been sculpting in one form or another since before my wine addled brain can even recollect and Flytrap Factory is the direct result of a childhood misspent on adventure, literature, art and grandparents who brought all the magic of the forests and deep places of old Europe to life to my young mind.

With Flytrap I share my love of history through the form of small scale soldiers, my first loves being early 20th century conflicts which I don't get anywhere enough time to sculpt as everyone seems to want modern soldiers these days. I'm also an avid sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast with a love of Warhammer 30k/40k lore.. and I don't nearly get enough time to enjoy the gaming aspect of this hobby/industry as I'm pretty much chained constantly to my sculpting bunch in my home studio!
Now I've bored you enough with my's your turn.

Charge a glass!
Raise a toast! the next poor bugger to step up to the lounge podium

Re: Hello my name is Anton and I've been sober for...

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:36 am
by Foulksy (Council)
Good day, eh. As I might say we're I actually Canadian rather than being an Englishman who merely summers in the Great White North.

I've been wagaming since I made up my own rules to play with Airfix figures and tanks back before I even knew wargaming existed. That would have been been around 1968 I think and I would have been 12 or 13 at the time.

Is it time for my medicine nurse?

I've wargamed most periods in the intervening years and am something of a wargaming butterfly flitting from interest to interest, an old girlfriend used to make 'parp parp' noises a la Toad of Toad Hall's first encounter with a motorcar whenever a new interest appeared.

I was lucky enough to retire from the world of IT Project Management a few years early so now have lots of time to devote to my hobby... only I still never seem to have the time. I spend summers in Canada (Toronto) with the missus but I return to Britain (Sunderland by the sea) during the winter month where I live the debauched life of a batchelor (ie eat bad food, drink rather too much, and dwell in semi-squalor)

Because of my nomadic lifestyle I like games that are transportable and not too heavy although it really means that any game I want to play is usually on the wrong side of the Atlantic. I also usually play solo - partially because all but one of my wargame buddies of yore no longer live nearby or have drifted away from the hobby and because I'm a somewhat anti-social animal who finds Wargamers in the main either irritating pedants or without enough knowledge of the rules or the period ( :D :D :D :D )

When gaming with Miniatures I like spectacle, innovation and (where applicable) an historical feel for the period. 'Cavemen' is my first encounter with Flytrap Factory and Anton and I have to say that what a thoroughly nice chap he seems. Of course I don't really know him ;)

So if anyone is in Sunderland or Toronto and wants a game, get in touch and I'll fob you off with some excuse or maybe buy you a beer.

Re: Hello my name is Anton and I've been sober for...

Posted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:05 am
by admin
Hahahaha Stephen... cheque's in the post!