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Anton Ducrot

Also known as the 'Enigmatic Baron Trapdoor' of forum pseudonym notoriety, happily married, father of two beautiful daughters and male shaped humanoid aged 38. Everything you see on this website has been the concoction of my imagination coupled with being dropped on my head too often as a child or suffering too many cranial blows sustained during a variety of physical endeavours during the course of my life... I've been in nine car crashes and have even fallen off of a waterfall!

The original founder of Flashpoint Miniatures back in the day I have been involved in every aspect of miniature production (conceptualising/designing/sculpting/moulding/casting/painting and photography) now for over 12 years, both for myself and for a number of other companies. To this day I still undertake commissions for groups abroad and am always willing to discuss projects with other like minded people. With a background in applied arts and traditional cel animation I eventually went against my natural grain and entered the professional grown up world as (of all things) a Police Officer in the NZ Police Force.

Over the years I have spent much time in the St Johns Ambulance Service and NZ Fire Service both, teaching martial arts (I hold a black belt in Karate and have studied this and other forms of martial art for many years) I have worked as a gold miner in the Western Austalian desert, and also have a marketing background gained through experience in sales management for an American company based in Sydney, Australia so it has been diverse to say the least. Total satisfaction creatively speaking however eluded me until recently with the creation of this strange thing.

And so here we are today, we are a humble wee company that looks a lot flashier than it is. I operate out of a studio in my converted garage and my manufacturing operation is done out of a converted garden shed. It might be the most high tech garden shed in the neighbourhood but still very modest by the standards of many other companies in this game. I swear half the time my neighbours must think I'm running a meth lab in my back yard... the moneys no where near as good though I promise.

Anyhoo, tally ho! and thanks for listening to my rambling, have a great day and catch you soon either here or on our Facebook page... (see the big blue box with the letter "f" in it to the left of this screen... push that one)

PS: Just in case you are interested in a little further background information "Bring Your A-Game" the excellent webzine created by Michael Williams penned an article/interview including not only Josh Qualtieri but myself also as we discuss our lead ups and eventual amalgamation as our two companies join forces in tackling the creative road ahead, well worth the read if you are that way inclined! (Links follow)

Part One:

Part Two:

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Baron Trapdoor