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As the last of the Autumn leaves fall to the dry earth, the valley once teeming with flora and fauna of countless varieties now braces itself for the long cold that threatens it with its icy touch. The chill on the air gives warning to all life that the time to hunker down approaches and the need for final preparations, foraging and hunter gathering for sustenance has now become of paramount importance. The sleepy tribes nomadic to this world and weary from a long and relentless summer send out their bravest hunters one last time in search of the big kill, a necessity for the life giving nutrition that it will provide them should they hope to survive the Winter.



                                           'Caveman Vs Wild: The Big Chill'                                           

Living Rulebook V1.0... ALIVE!

First up in this update... this week heralds the arrival of version 1.0 of the 'Caveman Vs Wild : The Big Chill' Living Rulebook. For those involved in the kickstarter at the appropriate level this is now available through our channels to download and enjoy. However, even as the rulebook is up and available we are far from done... expecting now to go through a long period of critique, criticism and extensive feedback. This information and constructive review will only serve to assist us in pushing the publication to the next level of polish so the process is invaluable. We will be updating download links once per month with version 1.1 expected at the end of June.


What IS Caveman Vs Wild?

Caveman vs Wild:  Flytrap Factorys signature '28mm' Prehistoric adventure, hunting and survival game for 1 to 4 players, a game designed for people of all ages and walks of life who yearn for a little wild adventure without all of the seriousness that its real life counterpart would entail.

In Caveman vs Wild you take the role of a tribal chieftain leading a hunting party of muscle bound Neanderthals packing state of the art hunting utensils in search of prey and supplies in advance of the encroaching winter now firmly gripping the lands.

In almost every case the predator becomes the prey and overcoming the creatures that inhabit the World of Konk is no easy feat.

Managed by our own dastardly and deviously devised artificial intelligence mechanic our collection of monsterly beings will not hesitate in goring, squishing, chomping or devouring your brave hunters if given the slightest chance!

But in this land it is not only the sharp toothed or sharp tusked mammals that you need worry about, for not only will your hunters face off against these threats but your tribe exists in a land overpopulated by hostile rival tribes, poisonous and carnivorous flora, an ever-changing and chaotic environmental climate and a seemingly endless plague of cosmic calamities and assorted other goodies!
So be warned, Caveman vs Wild is not for the feint of heart, and life in the wide open wild of prehistory is no easy matter. Will you succeed in leading your tribe on the big hunt, stalking and foraging the supplies your tribe will so desperately depend on to survive the long chill, or will your indigenous hunters succumb to the frozen wrath and perils of this wild and unforgiving land.

Caveman vs Wild is currently unavailable to the Public as the Kickstarter community enjoys an extended period of play, trial and reward. Once we are satisfied that every aspect of the design, lore and function of the game it working to its fullest Flytrap Factory will release Caveman Vs Wild direct to its webstore for all to enjoy. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and here for updates as they come to hand.


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